Senior Love Triangle: Photographs by Isadora Kosofsky

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Three people—Jeanie, 82, Will, 84, and Adina, 90—are bound together in a relationship, a love triangle of sorts, a three-way connection that they rely on to shield them from the pains of loneliness and the fear of aging. Every day the trio meets near their senior-care facilities (each lives at a different location) to spend their remaining days together. Will picks up Jeanie at her care center, greeting her with a long kiss, and the two head hand-in-hand to collect Adina for whatever the day may bring.

Recently, that includes Isadora Kosofsky, who, after the death of the maternal grandmother who raised her, began to search for catharsis through photography. “Grief following my grandmother’s death unconsciously led me to photograph the lives and relationships of the elderly,” Kosofsky says.

The trio’s relationship clearly challenges cultural norms. Will, describing the trio’s bond to Kosofsky, said, “We live above the law. Not outside the law, but above the law. We are not outlaws.” Will, Jeanie and Adina are connected by more than time and space. “There are many different kinds of love,” Adina told Kosofsky. Their relationship, like all relationships, can be frustrating for all three. Jeanie once confided in Kosofsky that “to share Will is a thorn in your side…A relationship between a man and a woman is private. It’s a couple, not a trio.” But despite Jeanie’s misgivings, she must share Will with Adina and Adina must share Will with her.

Kosofsky met Jeanie, Will and Adina three short years after picking up a camera. “I befriended the group because I recognize a part of me in both Jeanie and Adina. Will, too, is familiar to me… a reflection of men I have known,” she says. “When I share in their lives, I am reminded of my adolescence.”

Kosofsky herself is not that far removed from adolescence. She is 18 years old and is now a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles—finding inspiration from photographers like Jane Evelyn Atwood, who spent years documenting one subject. Kosofsky believes long-term projects offer the opportunity of deeper and more poignant storytelling. In her own projects, it is her goal to “devote myself to living amongst my subjects as an occupant, rather than a visitor.”

“The aged are becoming increasingly hidden and disenfranchised. I noticed that even towards the end of my grandmother’s life, she appeared distant from society,” Kosofsky says. The photographer is currently engaged in photographing a three-part series on aging—a subject about which she is passionate. “I feel that age is a perceived barrier and that we too have once, either literally or figuratively, shared their fear of isolation and their wish for acknowledgement,” she explains. “Even when Jeanie and Adina are not present, Will walks with his right hand straight and open at his side, as if he were waiting for someone to hold on.”

Isadora Kosofsky is a Los Angeles-based documentary photographer. More of her work can be seen here.

Jeanie, Will and Adina at the bus stop, 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Will and Adina hold hands as they say goodbye to Jeanie, 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, Will and Adina eat lunch on Christmas Day, 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Will embraces Adina on New Year’s Eve, 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie in the parking lot, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Will and Adina sit at a separate table, 2012.Isadora Kosofsky
Will kisses Adina, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie and Adina watch Will, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, Will and Adina at the supermarket, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie reaches out for William, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie and Adina discuss William’s distance from them, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie consoles William as he watches the coffee shop owner’s son play, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie and William, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, after crying over William’s depiction of women being “easily beguiled,” 2012.Isadora Kosofsky
Will and Jeanie, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Will leans over and shouts, “I’m sick of you, Jeanie.” 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie tells Will that it is “not going to work out” between them, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie prepares to meet Will and Adina, 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie and Will kiss, a day after a fight, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, Will and Adina visit an apartment where they may all live together, 2011.Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie kisses the coffee shop owner’s son, saying, “If we had a child he would be like that. We’re too old now.” 2011. Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie, Will and Adina at the park on a Sunday, 2012. Isadora Kosofsky

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