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Never Invite Jon Snow to Your Dinner Party

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Jon Snow may be dreamy, but he’s a nightmare of a dinner guest.

Seth Meyers proved that when he invited the Game of Thrones character (played by Kit Harington) to a dinner party on Late Night. While most of Meyers’s guests were thrilled to talk about the arrival of spring, all Jon Snow could manage to add to the conversation were dire warnings that winter is coming, deep intel on his uprooted family tree and a haunted stare.

After Meyers kindly pulled him aside to point out that discussing the looming threat of White Walkers and their hounds tearing people limb from limb are not exactly small talk, Snow, ever the warrior, gamely re-entered the fray that is a New York City dinner party.

It’s an important lesson for everyone who is planning a Game of Thrones dinner party to mark the show’s return.

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