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On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for Katie’s new addition?

For the uninitiated, that’s not our endearing nickname for Princess Kate – Prince George would be so displeased – as she nears the end of her pregnancy. Rather, Katie, a reticulated giraffe residing at the Dallas Zoo, is due to give birth any day now, and you can watch the circle of life unfold in all its glory right from your own computer, as Mother Nature intended.

Animal Planet teamed up with the zoo to stream the calf countdown via live-cam (watch below) with a 24/7 view of the giraffe’s indoor facilities thanks to eight cameras. Night-vision cameras mean you won’t miss a thing, which is completely necessary, based on the past mesmerizing hour we spent watching Katie snack and pace her pen contemplating motherhood (we’re taking some creative liberties with that last part).

There’s no telling exactly when she’ll welcome her little one, but we think your boss will understand if you keep this cam minimized at all times just in case. (Warning: giraffe births can be graphic; Animal Planet will also air a real-time birth special.)

Katie is one of about 4,700 of her kind, down from an estimated 31,000 in 1998, according to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. That’s all the more reason to get excited about her birth, in addition to the wardrobe full of giraffe onesies we’re sure Katie stocked up on.


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