The Best April Fools’ Pranks of 2015

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For April Fools, we’ll be updating the following list of 2015 pranks all day so you can make sure you don’t fall for any of them. Or if you see gullible friends or family members passing them around, share this article with them and rub it in their faces.

• The newest Teach for America member: Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction. [TFA]

• California Democrat Rep. Mike Honda “introduces” legislation cracking down on acronyms in bill titles—aka the Accountability and Congressional Responsibility On Naming Your Motions (ACRONYM) Act. []

• Government agency bans Comic Sans. [Texas General Land Office]

"Comic Sans has no place at an agency positioning itself as a technological pioneer."

— Texas General Land Office (@TXGLO) April 1, 2015

• This type of insurance “Presurance” alerts purchasers to their next mishap up to a week in advance. [Esurance]

• The Shakespearean English option for profiles on Zoosk tries to show chivalry is not dead. [Zoosk]

• The dating app Hinge, which pairs up singles with friends of friends on Facebook, launches a play-dating app for toddlers whose mommies tell them “not to talk to strangers.” [Hinge]

• The school of veterinary medicine at Ohio State paints fire hydrants in Michigan’s colors. [The Columbus Dispatch]

• Car company designs a motorized office chair with a calendar so it can whisk workers away to their next meeting and facial recognition technology so it can help them steer clear of the boss. [Audi USA]

• Google always has a bunch of tricks up its sleeve. With Google Japan’s new product “Google Panda,” users run Google searches by talking to a stuffed panda.

The Chrome mobile feature which snaps selfies, so users can send photos of their reactions to what they are reading or watching online and sharing with people.

• Also the smart mailbox, which electrocutes postal workers who try to put spam letters inside and opens with the wave of a hand.

• And a search engine that’s totally backwards. (com.Google)

• The world’s first Samsung smartphone that is also a chef’s knife. (Samsung)


• Virgin Group founder Richard Branson announces Virgin America headquarters will move to Branson, Mo., and start offering non-stop flights from the city to San Francisco. [Virgin America]

• The homepage for is from 1999.

Sony PlayStation swim goggles and portable dryer so you can play video games in a swimming pool.

• CERN theorist Ben Kenobi of the University of Mos Eisley, Tatooine, and researchers at the Large Hadron Collider found evidence of “The Force” (sorry, Star Wars fans) [CERN]

Breaking news: CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

— CERN (@CERN) April 1, 2015

• The Army will use drones to deliver pizzas. [Army]

Zack Kevit (

• The publisher Penguin Teen Australia announces a new John Green book.

Exciting news: @PenguinTeenAus will publish ebook by @johngreen. The story of Augustus Waters and Caroline Mathers

— PenguinTeenAus (@PenguinTeenAus) March 31, 2015

• Microsoft announces MS-DOS is now on the Lumia smartphone.

• The car rental company Alamo will make monsters trucks available. [Alamo]

• The latest in wearable tech: a fitness tracker for acts of kindness so users can compete with their friends to see who can give the most hugs and do the most nice things for strangers. [TOMS]

• Motorola introduces artisanal leather-bound selfie sticks.

• Watch out for sensational crowd-funding campaigns, like a virtual reality experience that transports users back to college. [Tilt]

• Watch out Uber: Groupon introduces a car service with cat drivers, who are ‘spayed, neutered and have no reason to curl up in your lap and make it awkward.” [Groupon]

• A social network for bookworms launches KINDLR, a dating app that matches users based on their book choices and offers folks who “want to turn each other’s pages” the option to “merge shelves.” [Goodreads]

• A new family plan that offers Tinder for pets. [T-Mobile]

• A selfie stick for dogs. [Unleashed by Petco]

Unleashed by Petco

Zumba for Dogs (think “fitness paw-ty”). [Zumba]

• Redbox’s DVD rental service for pets (think “Fifty Shades of Greyhound”). [Redbox]

Hulu Pets offers pet versions of hit TV shows like “Clawed City” (Broad City with cats) and a Portlandia/Real Housewives spoof “Pugs of Portland.” (Hulu)

• ThinkGeek products like a Game of Thrones version of Clue (the board game) and a torso-mounted rig for taking selfies. [here and here]

• Basically be skeptical of any new selfie-taking tool, like selfie shoes. [Miz Mooz]

• Vodafone introduces an emoji keyboard.


• A new kind of tool belt: pants covered in magnets. [Duluth Trading Company]

A roommate ratings app ROOMer, designed for renters. [Trulia]

• An online car dealership for kids that sells a Frozen-branded Mustang and a Hello Kitty-themed Hummer. [Carvana]

• To channel road rage in a more productive way, this smartphone app that donates the car of the awful driver ahead of you to charity by scanning its license plate. [Kars4Kids]

Vodka flavors like salmon, cheesesteak and cream cheese bagel. [Pinnacle Vodka]

• To prevent brain freeze, an “ice cream headache prevention helmet.” [Turkey Hill]

• A PSA on paper cut prevention, reminding cubicle jockeys “take care, be paper aware.” [Ad Council]

GIFt delivery service will send a real cat as a gift every time you send a cat GIF. (Giphy)

• New spandex Premier League uniforms that will “completely eliminate shirt pulling from the game.” [Morphsuits]

• The sharing economy peaks with this recyclable underwear program that lets users track where pairs of underwear have been. (

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