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These Are the Most Expensive iPhone Apps

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Think a $10,000 Apple Watch is expensive? Try buying a $999.99 iPhone app.

That’s the price limit that Apple sets on apps available on the App Store, and quite a few apps are actually marked up that high, as Business Insider reports. (App Store doesn’t allow you to sort apps by price.)

Here’s a look at some of the most expensive iPhone apps on the market:

  • VIP Black, the self-described “millionaire’s app” (proof of assets required upon download), giving users luxury benefits from the company’s partners
  • Alpha Trader, a trading suite for investment professionals
  • QSFFStats, a curiously expensive app that allows you to input flag football stats
  • MobiGage NDI, an app that automates measurement and inspections of manufactured parts and assemblies
  • While those apps don’t have any reviews — meaning it’s likely no one bought them — there is one $999.99 app that people are actually buying. That’s Cyber Tuner, a “pro piano technician’s gold standard tuning software tool,” which has 61 ratings and a five-star average.

    This Is How Apple Teases All Its Huge Announcements

    iTunes Launch On Windows, October 2003, Cupertino
    iTunes launch on Windows, October 2003Apple
    iPod Nano, September 2005, Cupertino
    iPod Nano, September 2005Apple
    5th Generation iPod, October 2005, Cupertino
    5th Generation iPod, October 2005Apple
    iTunes 7 With Movies, September 2006, Cupertino
    iTunes 7 with movies, September 2006Apple
    iPhone 2007 Macworld Invitation.
    iPhone, January 2007Apple
    iPod Touch, September 2007, Cupertino
    iPod Touch, September 2007Apple
    MacBook Air, January 2008Apple
    App Store and iPhone 3G 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference Invitation.
    App Store & iPhone 3G, June 2008Apple
    2nd Generation iPod Touch, September 2008, Cupertino
    2nd Generation iPod Touch, September 2008Apple
    iPhone 3GS, 2009, Worldwide Developers Conference
    iPhone 3GS, June 2009Apple
    3rd Generation iPod Touch, September 2009, Cupertino
    3rd Generation iPod Touch, September 2009Apple
    iPad, 2010, Cupertino
    iPad, January 2010Apple
    iPhone 4, 2010, Worldwide Developers Conference
    iPhone 4, June 2010Apple
    4th Generation iPod Touch, September 2010, Cupertino
    4th Generation iPod Touch, September 2010Apple
    Macbooks With Unibody-Design, September 2010, Cupertino
    MacBooks with unibody design, September 2010Apple
    2nd Generation Macbook Air, October 2010, Cupertino
    2nd Generation MacBook Air, October 2010Apple
    iPad 2, 2011, Cupertino
    iPad 2, March 2011Apple
    iCloud & iOS 5, June 2011Apple
    iPhone 4S, 2011, Cupertino
    iPhone 4S, October 2011Apple
    iBooks 2 & iBooks Author, January 2012, New York
    iBooks 2 & iBooks Author, January 2012Apple
    3rd Generation iPad/strong>, 2012, Cupertino
    3rd Generation iPad, March 2012Apple
    Macbook Pro With Retina Display, June 2012, Worldwide Developers Conference
    MacBook Pro with Retina display, June 2012Apple
    iPhone 5, 2012, Cupertino
    iPhone 5, September 2012Apple
    iPad Mini, October 2012, Cupertino
    iPad Mini, October 2012Apple
    iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C, 2013, Cupertino
    iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C, September 2013Apple
    iPad Air & iPad Mini With Retina Display, 2013, Cupertino
    iPad Air & iPad Mini with Retina display, October 2013Apple
    iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8, Cupertino
    iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8, September 2014Apple
    iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 & Apple Pay, October 2014Apple
    Apple Watch, March 2015, Cupertino
    Apple Watch, March 2015Apple

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