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Now There’s Adult Preschool With Naptime and Finger Paint Included

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Adults who miss the squish of Play-Doh between their fingers and the feeling of a stiff cot beneath their head can now reconnect with their inner preschooler—for a price.

Brooklyn, New York’s Preschool Mastermind is the world’s first day-care-like experience for adults, reports ABC News. The course features all the staples you probably remember from your pre-K days, like finger painting, naptime, musical chairs, dress-up and show-and-tell.

“You still CAN be anything you want when you grow up! And this class will give you the hands-on wisdom, intuition and playfulness you need to get there,” founder Michelle Joni explains on Preschool Mastermind’s site.

“In this one-month adventure, we’ll explore preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives.”

The current session of Preschool Mastermind started at the beginning of March and runs until the end of the month. Joni’s classes meet weekly and have six students, each looking to gain something different from returning to their youthful roots.

This trip down memory lane isn’t free. The price of a Preschool Mastermind course is determined by a sliding scale, staring at $333 and going all the way to $999. For that money Joni, who has a degree in early education, promises a magical return to the beneficial lessons of preschool.

Her current batch of students are preparing for an upcoming field trip and “parents day,” when the adult children of Joni’s class will bring in two grown-ups to talk to the group.

While some may scoff at the idea of paying to act like a child, Joni believes a trip back to the carefree days of make-believe and macaroni art can be beneficial for everyone.

“I realized all the implications of what we learn in preschool,” the teacher told ABC News. “People come here and get in touch with their inner child. It’s magical.”

For those young at heart, or just in need of a good nap, Preschool Mastermind is preparing to start a new course in the fall.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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