Kanye West and Kim Kardashian arrive to Soho House New York.
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By Nolan Feeney
March 11, 2015

Kanye West has a song called “I Am a God” and named his last album Yeezus, but the rapper with the notorious ego isn’t rapping about himself on the just-surfaced track “Awesome.” (Okay, he does call himself awesome at least a few times.) Instead, the song sounds like a sappy, heavily Auto-Tuned ode to wife Kim Kardashian with lines like, “You look too good to be at work / You feel too good to ever hurt.”

It’s unclear if the song is intended for the rapper’s upcoming LP, So Help Me God, or just your standard music industry leak, but the track must have been sitting around on a hard drive for months. West first performed the track at the Met Ball about two years ago, but an apparent studio version it just surfaced online Wednesday. The droning ballad, like the recent far more awesome “All Day,” doesn’t exactly sound like the “cookout music” West once promised. But then again, when your wife is Kim Kardashian, your family cookouts probably look a lot different from most people’s.

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Hear “Awesome” below:

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