4 Apps That Can Help You Relax, Focus and Sweat

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Entrepreneurs are all about scale and efficiency. Time is money, and money and time are always in short supply when you’re living the lean startup lifestyle.

You don’t have the luxury of wasted time, sick days or any other hindrance to your daily process and progress. That’s why it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get sucked into the idea that if you aren’t working, you aren’t being productive. However, it’s really valuable to take the time to set up your day to allow for maximum productivity and long-term success. That means taking care of your body and mind so you can perform at your peak.

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Here are four apps that will help you be super productive every day.

1. Headspace

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to sit on a cushion for hours to get the most out of meditation. It’s far better to have a dab of mediation than to skip it altogether because you don’t have time.

Integrate meditation easily and quickly into your morning routine by downloading the Headspace app and using it when you wake up. It really does impact your whole day, and just like an exercise routine, has a cumulatively positive impact on your life.

Taking seven to 10 minutes every morning just to breathe deeply, be silent and practice a non-focused mind space can help quell anxiety, introduce a more relaxed and calm disposition, and ultimately aid you in better, more focused decision-making throughout the day. It’s a simple addition to your money that pays off with more clarity and better productivity.

2. FitBolt

Fitbolt is a Google Chrome extension that reminds you to stretch throughout the day. You can program the kind of stretches you’d like to do and adjust the frequency, but setting a reminder to inject just 30 seconds of stretching into every hour or 30 minutes of your desk time can really make a difference in your day. It sounds counterintuitive and disruptive, but after trying it out, it actually makes the day more focused and efficient.

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The stretches are simple, quick and relieved body tension and the stress of sitting for so long. I found myself more focused, with no energy slumps, once I started using it. FitBolt provides helpful, simple instructions on which stretches to do so you can easily follow along and mixes them up. It’s been shown that these small bursts of movement periodically acclimate you with your body and environment, which leads to long-term health.

3. EasilyDo

How can a list and productivity app clear your mind? It clears things from your brain and into the app, so you don’t have to remember everything. EasilyDo is like a virtual assistant that lives on your phone. The app syncs up with your calendar, social media, email and more to help you streamline your daily life.

RSVP to email invites, get reminders for meetings, get notifications of birthdays — you name it, EasilyDo can sync it and help you handle it quickly and easily.

4. 7-Minute Workout

Not every morning will usually provide you with a chance to get in a full workout. For the off-cycle days or for those entrepreneurs who prefer to run or work out at home, the 7-Minute Workout app is a simple addition to your routine. It gets your heart rate up and the blood flowing for your day ahead. It tracks your on and off days, helps you set and maintain short-term goals and gets your body moving in such a small time commitment that any entrepreneur can make it into a healthy habit.

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