A rendered image
A rendered imageas·phyx·i·a
A rendered image
Exploring various looks and defining the lighting
Shiho dancing while the point cloud data is scanned using Microsoft Kinect sensors.
Real time point cloud display whilst on the shoot
Merged point cloud in a 3D app ready for manipulation.
A rendered image
A rendered image
Point cloud merged
All the different takes combined and ready for manipulation
A rendered image
A rendered image
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These Are the Incredible Images a Computer 'Sees' When a Person Dances

Mar 11, 2015

A new creative project called as·phyx·i·a has produced stunning visuals by combining computers and choreography.

The project, created by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips, uses inexpensive sensors to capture motion data, which was then crafted by various computer tools into the incredible images and as well as an experimental film.

as·phyx·i·a's goal is to combine tech with other fields without many of the common commercial limitations, an idea that's reflected in the choreography's "desire to be expressive without bounds," according to the project's website.

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