March 6, 2015 6:20 AM EST

Hot on the heels of Saturday Night Live‘s monumental 40th anniversary special, former cast member Adam Sandler visited Conan to discuss another former cast member, the late Chris Farley.

The pair were star players on the sketch-show in the ’90s — where they also overlapped with Conan O’Brien, then a writer for the show — and Sandler has fond memories of the dinners they would all go on. A particular highlight? Farley’s superhuman appetite.

Recalling a typical Farley order, Sandler said, “He’d name like six things and you’d go, wow, he’s getting six things. And then he’d say, ‘Alright, two of those. He would always double down!'” Meanwhile, as the usually Falstaffian comedian would tuck into his two meals, Sandler said, “It was the quietest Farley.”

O’Brien agreed with the recollection, saying: “Chris Farley loved to eat to a degree that I’ve never seen, [and] never seen since.”

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