February 20, 2015 11:02 AM EST

Everyone who’s tried online dating knows it can be a great way to meet awesome people — but it’s inevitably going to be a tad bit awkward. Or sometimes really awkward. But if you think it’s only awkward for you and your date, you’re wrong. So, so wrong. There’s somebody else who’s experiencing it all with you: your bartender.

The Daily Share rounded up some bartenders from around New York City to talk about what it’s like watching Tinder dates unfold — and how they always know it’s an online date. They mostly cringe while watching these dates but also admit they love the free entertainment.

The barkeeps also keep tabs on whether or not the date is going well. All too often, they’ll see a guy go in for a kiss and the girl blatantly reject it. “The head turn, it’s a heartbreaker,” one bartender says. “It’s like watching a dog get put down.”

If the video makes you feel embarrassed that these bartenders are totally judging you, just remember: they’re probably secretly going on their own Tinder dates that are just as awkward.

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