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Jessica Williams Says She’s ‘Underqualified’ to Host The Daily Show

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Correction appended, Feb. 17

Many people would love to be considered as the next host of The Daily Show after Jon Stewart. But Jessica Williams, currently a correspondent for the show, recently said she’s not up for the job.

She later responded to a writer for thebillfold.com, who argued that Williams’ comment made her “the latest high-profile victim of impostor syndrome“—or as the writer put it, “a well-documented phenomenon in which men look at their abilities vs the requirements of a job posting and round up, whereas women do the same and round down, calling themselves ‘unqualified.'”

Williams posted this on Twitter on Tuesday:

“No offense,” she wrote in another tweet, “but Lean the F–k away from me for the next couple days. I need a minute.”

After Stewart announced last week that he will be leaving The Daily Show, many have called for his replacement to be a woman.

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Correction: The headline and original version of this story misstated who Jessica Williams was responding to in her Twitter messages. She was responding to a writer who criticized her for saying she’s “underqualified” to host The Daily Show.

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