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The May 26, 1986, cover of TIME

They’re not teenagers anymore: the adolescent archetypes who populated The Breakfast Club turn 30 this weekend — the film was released on Feb. 15 in 1985 — and are celebrating with a planned theatrical rerelease.

But, when the movie was originally released, their teen-dom wasn’t necessarily their most salient feature anyway. In a piece for that week’s issue of TIME, critic Richard Corliss took a look at the fact that there were “too damn many” movies for that age group, and that the flood showed no sign of stopping. (It was more than a year later that Breakfast Club star Molly Ringwald would be featured on the cover seen here, proof that the reign of the teen queen was yet to peak.) However, he also found that some “teenpix” transcended their demographic bounds, and that Breakfast Club was one of them:

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