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10 Apps for Planning the Perfect Date

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In an increasingly smartphone-driven world, your handheld can give you the romantic powers of a young Don Juan — or if you’re not into the classics, Don Draper. But to sweep him, her, or whomever off their feet, you’ll need to know how to push the right buttons. Or, more appropriately for the touchscreen age, how to tap those apps.

From planning your evening to hitching a ride home, these ten apps can help you look like a smooth smartphone operator on your next date.

Pre-date planning

Start your date right by getting flowers. Whether it’s sending them in advance to build anticipation or hand-delivering them yourself, Bouqs (Android and iOS) has an app that keeps it simple with flat-rate pricing and free shipping. But one thing to keep in mind is the company’s convenience comes at a cost — it ships via FedEx. So, make sure your love has a box cutter and vase at the ready.

Next up, choose some entertainment for the evening. Sosh (iOS only) is a personalized city guide that uses curated suggestions, with an easy-on-the-eyes user interface. Whether you’re into art or the outdoors, this app can recommend something for you and your special someone — so long as you’re in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, or Washington, D.C., where the service is currently running. Eventbrite (Android and iOS), on the other hand, is everywhere from Argentina to the United Kingdom, connecting attendees to events as varied as music festivals and non-profit fundraisers.

Dinner for two

A longtime favorite of smartphone owners, OpenTable (Android and iOS) can help you book a restaurant at more than 20,000 North American eateries, without having to slip the host a $20. And if you’re signed up for Apple Pay, you can even go cashless with your tab, slickly paying with your iPhone instead. Meanwhile, Chefs Feed (Android and iOS) serves up excellent recommendations, featuring local chefs’ reviews of their favorite dishes around town. Either crib from their expert takes, or act like your good friend, Mario Batali, gave you a hot tip. Either way, it’s going to taste great and make you look even better.


Mixing it up with a cocktail after dinner is a great way to cap off the evening. And if you’ve got a favorite bartender, onthebar (Android and iOS) will let you know if and where he or she is slinging drinks. Mixologists love it because they can show off their best concoctions and favorite spirits, and drinkers dig it because they can consistently get service that leaves them stirred, not shaken.

But if you’d rather put your feet up with a refreshment at home, tap Lush (iOS only). This $1.99 app is worth every penny for its color-coded drink recipes. And if you’re missing out on any ingredients, Thirstie (Android and iOS) can get you restocked in a jiffy. Lucky tipplers in select cities can use the app to get booze from whiskey to wine delivered on-demand within an hour.

Getting home safely

Most smartphone owners already know their devices make it much easier to get around, with Uber (Android and iOS) holding the crown as king of the road in most places. The popular ride-sharing app connects passengers with drivers, shuttling them about with seamless payments being exchanged in the background.

If Uber’s not for you, Lyft (Android and iOS) is an equally great alternative to taking the wheel yourself. And keep in mind each service’s distinct vibe — Uber drivers tend act more like professional chauffeurs, while Lyft drivers are a little looser, and can keep the tone of your date light. Either way, you won’t be drinking and driving, which is a turnoff for everyone.

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