Updated: August 4, 2015 3:21 PM ET | Originally published: February 11, 2015 3:53 PM EST

Left shark understudy? Life coach for troubled celebrities?

The Internet was wondering what’s next for Jon Stewart after announced his retirement from The Daily Show after nearly two decades as host. His last show is Thursday.

Turns out, social media had plenty of ideas – and retirement isn’t among them.

#JobsForJonStewart took Twitter by storm, and his fans had lots of suggestions, “from the sensible to the silly,” according to CNN.

According to @davonmagwood, Stewart should replace Brian Williams (who was suspended for six months without pay by NBC on Tuesday) as the new anchor of the Nightly News.

Katy Perry could probably use a left shark understudy, suggested @TrivWorks.

As suggested by @mikd33, Stewart could capitalize on his striking resemblance to Killer Bob in the new Twin Peaks.

Meanwhile, @bigmacher kept it simple – and super.

And @joemessin asked if Stewart might get started on “Finding the missing ‘H’ for his first name?”

“Life coach for Randy Quaid,” posited @krodNM.

Even Arby’s said they had an opening, writing, “Jon, feel free to reach out to us at careers@arbys.com.”

For now, it seems, Stewart has less ambitious plans.

“I’m gonna have dinner, on a school night, with my family,” he said in signature Stewart style (tongue-in-cheek) while announcing to his studio audience on Tuesday that he was leaving.

As for that family, he said, “I have heard from multiple sources [that they] are lovely people.”

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