By Victor Luckerson
February 10, 2015

Apple and JetBlue want to give you one less reason to complain about the miracle of human flight.

The airline will begin accepting Apple’s new mobile payments service Apple Pay for mid-flight purchases of food, drinks and amenities next week. JetBlue will become the first airline to accept Apple Pay.

To make the new service work, JetBlue is issuing iPad Minis to 3,500 flight crewmembers. Attendants will able to use the devices to interact with customers who have an Apple Pay-equipped iPhone 6. Customers will also be able to pay with the Apple Watch when that device launches in the spring.

For now, Apple Pay is only usable on transcontinental flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles. All JetBlue flights will accept Apple Pay by June.

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