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New Winter Storm Heading Toward the East Coast

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Forecasters say more snow is likely to blanket the northeast throughout Monday, less than a week after the area was deluged by a massive blizzard.

Late Sunday, the National Weather Service predicted the winter storm would continue to trudge through the Ohio Valley “before redeveloping and rapidly deepening off the southern New England coast on Monday.”

Weather forecasts warned of probable traffic delays across New York and New England on Monday, after large swaths of the Midwest were inundated with more than a foot of snow over the weekend.

“The morning commute Monday (if there is one) will be extremely treacherous across southern New England as snow turns heavy, with snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour making roads nearly impossible to keep clear,” reported the Weather Channel.

As of Sunday night, over 2,000 commercial flights had been canceled throughout the Midwest and East Coast, according to NBC News.

And if anyone’s betting on whether Punxsutawney Phil is likely to see his shadow on Monday morning, odds are the groundhog will remain burrowed in his hole for a few more weeks.

Blizzard 2015: How New Yorkers and New Englanders Shared Photos

Marissa McClain posted this photo from Brookline, Mass. saying "Ventured outside. Found this man skiing down summit."Marissa McClain (@marissamcclain) via Instagram
Apoorva posted this photo from Times Square in New York City.Apoorva (@_apoorva) via Instagram
Nicole Drummond posted from the Brooklyn borough of New York City saying "It was quiet streets early this morning in DUMBO and we got to explore it all!"Nicole Drummond (@nicoleraedrummond) via Instagram
Andrea Alimonta posted this photo from New York City saying "Stay Warm!"Andrea Alimonta (@andre3nto) via Instagram
John DeFoor posted this photo in Atlantic City, N.J. saying "The view from my room. I cant wait to hit the beach!"John DeFoor (@JohnDeFoor) via Instagram
Jaka Vinsek posted this photo of an empty Grand Central Station in New York on Jan. 26, 2015. Jaka Vinsek (@jakavinsek) via Instagram
Gwen Betts posted this photo in Boston saying "Dear Midwest: Please send snow blowers."Gwen Betts (@gwennasaurus) via Instagram
Meshari posted this photo in Boston saying "Go home. Stay there. Seriously!"Meshari (@_meshari) via Instagram
Garret posted this photo from New York City saying "A light with no purpose tonight thanks to the might of Juno."Garret P (@garretp) via Instagram
Brandon Sullivan posted this photo from saying "These cars in Boston won't be going anywhere soon."Brandon Sullivan—AccuWeather (@btsullivan91) via Instagram
David Everly posted this photo of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.David Everly (@selfproclaim) via Instagram
Gautham Asok posted this photo from the Emerald Necklace Conservancy in Boston.Gautham Asok (@gauthamasok) via Instagram
Adrian Moyer posted this photo from the Queens borough of New York City saying "Stay warm NYC, apparently there's a storm coming."Adrian Moyer (@_adrianmoy) via Instagram
Azor Ahai posted this photo from New York City saying "The blizzard soon cometh."Azor Ahai (@crazy_kwasi) via Instagram

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