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This Website Will Turn Your Tweets Into Beautiful, Ridiculous Poems

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Some people already seem to think tweeting is an art form — and a new website wants to take your 140-character quips and turn them into real, bona fide poetry.

This wonderful tool, called Poetweet, will simply scan your tweets and turn them into one of three poetic forms: either a sonnet, a rondel or an indriso. All you do is plug in your Twitter handle, choose the form you prefer and then sit back and wait for magical, poetic glory to emerge.

I tested it out with my personal Twitter account and got some interesting results. It’s not the best poem, necessarily, but my co-workers seem to think it captures my essence pretty well:

American Listicle
by Samantha Grossman

Of human emotion at a Knicks game
One shiba who smiles about bubbles

I was on the edge of my seat!
First place at Mean Girls trivia
10/10 would eat
Have been posted on Facebook. via

Including two run-by fruitings.
Stop saying “screenshotted”
You’re missing important things

And Darth’s head!
For Ebola in New York City. Welp.
Offering laptop batteries instead?

Try it for yourself here, but don’t expect to feel like the next Wordsworth.

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