January 27, 2015 1:45 PM EST

The new Fantastic Four teaser trailer premiered today, and though this summer superhero film hasn’t created the same frenzy as the next Avengers movie, it does give us a glimpse at a new generation of heroes. The trailer promises to tell the origins story of a group of space explorers who have a responsibility to “discover” and “build” for future generations. In short, it tells us very little about what to expect in August.

Still, here’s what we do know:

It’s covering the Fantastic Four origin story

Based on the trailer, audiences can expect this movie to tell us (again) how a group of astronauts became a crime-fighting team.

In the original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby comic books, four characters — Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) and Ben Grimm (the Thing) — travel to space in a rocket, where they encounter cosmic rays that give them superpowers. In an interview with Yahoo, director Josh Trank (Chronicle) and writer/producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) said that they took this origins tale and updated it with the new possibilities of interdimensional travel. (Hence why this trailer looks so much like the one for Interstellar.)

Perhaps the most important aspect of the comic books, to which Trank and Kinberg say they will stay faithful in the film, is that the Fantastic Four group is a tight-knit group. Sue and Johnny Storm are brother and sister in the comics, and Reed Richards and Ben Grimm are long-time friends of theirs. (Sue and Reed eventually marry.) Unlike the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy or even X-Men, the entire group acts like a loving, bickering, realistic family: They have a history together before they get their powers, and must learn to evolve together.

It’s a reboot

Didn’t we already have two Fantastic Four movies starring the guy who now plays Captain America? Yes, we did. But Fox decided to reboot the franchise because this is the era of the superhero film — and also because the original films were pretty terrible.

But unlike those Amazing Spider-Man reboots, Fox is promising a tonal departure from the mid-’00s Fantastic Four films. This take looks much darker and more dramatic than its predecessors, more like a sci-fi film based on a comic book than a Guardians of the Galaxy-style romp. (They even put glasses on Miles Teller to make him look smart!)

Despite unsubstantiated rumors that there’s been trouble on set, Fox has already given the franchise a vote of confidence by greenlighting a sequel before the trailer for the first even premiered. Fans are hoping that this Fantastic Four will be improved by its intriguing cast. (No offense, Chris Evans!) Which brings us to the most important point…

It has an interesting, young cast

Fantastic Four will feature some of the most buzzed-about new talent in Hollywood.

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