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White House Teases Twitter With Obama’s Tan Suit

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The White House decided to have a little fun ahead of Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech.

An hour before President Barack Obama began his annual address on major topics like energy, the economy and foreign policy, the official account indicated the President would wear the tan suit that ignited a bit of controversy in August. Some loved it then, but others seemed to hate it.

Turns out, it was a fake-out, as Obama was spotted leaving the White House for the Capitol in a trademark blue suit.

When the tan suit made an appearance last year, social media users and politicians slammed the President’s color choice for its discord with the seriousness of his press briefing’s topic: the threat of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria.

Many also rushed to his defense, saying Obama has been particularly prone to sartorial bullying, shaming critics for paying more attention to his style than substance.

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