January 20, 2015 4:46 PM EST

It’s easy to make fun of TV reporters for bloopers and mishaps, but let’s all admit that it takes an impressive amount of composure and poise to do what they do each day. Sometimes, though, they lose that composure and poise and it’s great and we should just allow ourselves to be entertained.

In this segment from WWAY in Wilmington, N.C., anchor Daniel Seamans apologizes and explains that the crew’s got “the tickle bug,” which we assume is a folksy way of saying “we can’t stop laughing about something stupid that happened moments before we went live.” His co-anchor Makenzi Henderson then introduces the segment, explaining that charter boate are angry about proposed restrictions on fishing expeditions or something like that.

Then anchor Chris Brown takes it away, but apparently talking about chart boats is just too hilarious for him and he just can’t get through it. He keeps giggling and snorting, briefly composing himself, and then breaking down again. It’s great and we can totally relate.

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