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This Is What Happens When You Show Off Your ‘Meninist’ T-Shirt

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The hashtags #Meninist and #Meninism have been around Twitter for more than a year, and the people who use them generally fall in two camps: people who use the term to call out ways they believe they’ve been victimized by feminism, and people who make fun of the first group for not understanding what feminism means in the first place.

The terms may have started out as a joke, but when the first group starting making T-shirts celebrating their controversial cause, the latter group got clever with their responses, as BuzzFeed points out. Not that many T-shirts have been sold — according to TeeSpring, two designs have moved only 10 and almost 500 shirts, respectively — but the guys who proudly showed them off online didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, they’re on their way to become totally meme-ified. Below, take a look who got creative with Photoshop:

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