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42% of French Opposed to Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Poll Finds

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More than 4 in 10 French people believe Charlie Hebdo shouldn’t publish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, given that many Muslims find the images offensive, according to a recent poll by a French publication, published Sunday.

A survey conducted by Le Journal du Dimanche, a French weekly newspaper, presented participants with this information: “Some Muslims feel attacked or injured by the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.”

In the final tally of responses, 42% checked a box to indicate that the country should “consider these reactions and avoid publishing these cartoons,” while 57% of respondents checked “we should ignore these reactions and continue to publish such cartoons.” The remaining 1% checked “no opinion.”

See Covers Published by Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo cover
In this cover, the newspaper called itself an irresponsible newspaper, and likening itself to a Neanderthal, claiming that the invention of humor is the process of adding fuel to the fire.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"The socialist party has chosen its maid." (François Hollande vacuums up Nicolas Sarkozy)Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"Gay marriage is so last year!" "Let's go for gay divorce now!"Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
Mitt Romney seen yelling, "For the White House, an actual white!" during the 2012 election in which he ran against President Barack Obama. To the right, French leaders Francois Fillon and Jean-Francois Copé hold a sign that says "no immigrants can vote."Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"We don't have prostitutes any more. Thank god, we still have Miss France."Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
Osama bin Laden in a late Elvis costume. "Bin Laden is alive!"Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"Where are our taxes going?" Missile: "On Syrians' faces."Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"Zero growth." Hollande sits in lifeguard chair and says, "We don't move," while everyone in the water drowns.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
"The postal service is being privatized?" Rope (presumably for hanging): "I am your new human resources department"Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
Charlie Hebdo criticized Europe being ruled by banks. Here Hitler shown saying, "I'm an idiot! I should have worked at the BNP!" (One of the largest banks in France.)Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
Sunday, May 6, 2012, one minute before the election results - France prepares to flick away Sarkozy.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
First official photo of newly elected Hollande, pushing Sarkozy into a meat grinder.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
Depicted: Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right Front National party. "The new model for John Galliano." Galliano, portrayed in background, made anti-Semitic remarks just before Paris Fashion Week in 2011.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
After Gerard Depardieu decided to leave France for Belgium to avoid taxes, Charlie Hebdo published a cover asking if Belgium had the capacity to welcome the entire world's cholesterol.Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo cover
After an armed man entered French newspaper LibŽration's offices in Paris in 2013, injuring one staff member, Charlie Hebdo published this cover which reads: The press is doing fine. It excites jerks."Charlie Hebdo

The survey, which used a sample of over 1,000 French adults, also found that women and people under 35 were most sensitive to Muslim concerns.

Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover image controversially depicted the Prophet Muhammad in tears, holding a sign that reads “Je Suis Charlie,” in defiance of the attacks on the magazine’s office that left 12 dead. Despite the anti-Charlie rallies that the cover sparked from Muslim groups across the world, the issue sold out its five million copies.

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