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Watch Macklemore Parody ‘Thrift Shop’ on Sesame Street

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Macklemore — excuse me, Mucklemore — stopped by Sesame Street to join the Grouches for a “Thrift Shop” parody that, at times, is near indistinguishable from his actual hit song.

While famous musicians have stopped by the children’s program before to teach them valuable lessons and impart important advice, the take-away from the Seattle rapper’s guest appearance is not so clear. Consider a future career as a garbageman or garbagewoman? Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty? Always keep an eye out for a bargain, even if it’s actual trash?

Either way, he deserves props for the reworked hook — “This is gross and awesome” — which manages to both sanitize the original not-so-child-friendly lyrics and embrace what some viewers are probably already thinking.

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