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I never wanted a smart home.

I found these futuristic visions a little bit off-putting, not to mention unattainable. All of the devices that existed were far out of my price range and none of them really worked together. It’s all felt like a nebulous experiment, as companies competed for our dollars, shilling technologies we didn’t quite understand or need.

The concept of turning on lights as soon as I walked in the door, or music following me from room to room was cool, but not necessary. It felt like all the hype behind smart homes was a vision that Hollywood and futurists fed us, so we came to expect it. As if one day we would wake up and all our appliances would be connected via mobile applications and a robot butler would follow us around.

The concept of the Internet of Things is daunting itself. I mean, what does that even mean, anyway? Our homes and offices connected to devices we’re too intimidated to operate because the technology is complicated?

It’s really just the Internet. And I think in order for connected home technologies to make sense to those of us who aren’t early adopters, they must be doled out piecemeal, appealing only to the one thing we need.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the smart home was everywhere. Companies want you to connect your washing machine, connect your kitchen, connect all the things to a smartphone. Your life could be so much simpler!

I was skeptical going into particular demonstrations. I didn’t believe at the hype.

Surprisingly, I was sold.

Refinery29 hosted “The Loft,” a large suite at the Wynn Resort that was turned into a connected apartment for the “millennial woman.” Basically the ideal apartment for…me, and the rest of my demographic.

The apartment was bright and airy, with small and simple touches that made it “smart.” I was expecting some modern version of The Jetsons—it was anything but.

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