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During a visit to the The Tonight Show Tuesday, Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon quickly started chatting about their first interaction — but they have very different takes on that meeting.

Fallon recounted that a mutual friend brought Kidman to his apartment several years ago when they were both single, and he was very concerned with what type of cheese to serve the A-list star. Kidman’s version of the story was slightly different, though. Turns out she was actually interested in dating Fallon, but after an hour of him ignoring her and playing video games while she sat on the couch, she decided he just wasn’t interested.

Fallon’s reaction to the news makes it clear he had absolutely no clue she was interested in him. If you’ve ever wanted to see Fallon’s jaw drop to his knees, this is the clip for you. He gasps, “Wait, what?” and then falls over in horror in what is inadvertently one of the funniest clips of the year.

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