This Gadget May Change Parenting Forever

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If the Pacif-i Smart Pacifier does all it promises to do, it’s going to take a lot longer for parents to wean their kids off their pacifiers.

Blue Maestro’s Bluetooth-connected smart pacifier, on display at CES this year, beams data to your Android or iOS device, measuring your kid’s temperature and recording when medication was administered. With an app on your smartphone, Pacif-i timestamps and graphs your kid’s temperature. Perhaps most importantly, the $40 smart suckable allows parents to monitor the pacifier’s location, so you can be alerted when your kid wanders away with the pacifier in his mouth.

Pacif-i has a battery life of more than one year. But if you find yourself replacing the battery, maybe it’s time stop giving your kid a pacifier, even if you don’t want to. It’s scheduled for early 2015 release.

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