8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sexual Satisfaction

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Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree

  • People who have regular orgasms live longer, seem to have less stress and enjoy lower rates of heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and endometriosis. You can be allergic to orgasms.They don’t induce labor in pregnant women but they can cause a seizure. Circumcision causes orgasm problems for both men and women.
  • Women orgasm only 35 percent as often as men in first-time sexual encounters. The key to a woman having an orgasm isn’t foreplay, it’s more sex. Females in their 30’s have more orgasms but not more desire. Women have a number of different kinds of orgasms. Scientists think they may know why females orgasm at all.
  • Women fake orgasms to hold on to a guy they think might be prone to straying. One in four men has faked an orgasm. Middle-aged and old men are more likely to fake than young men; young and old women are more likely to fake than middle-aged women. Love increases the likelihood of faked orgasms.
  • You can tell how orgasmic a woman is by looking at her face, by how she walks, her level of emotional intelligence, and whether she likes politics. Women who remove their pubic hair have better sexual function.
  • A woman’s level of sexual satisfaction can predict her mental health and physical health. Birth control pills make women more likely to pick men who satisfy them less sexually but make them more satisfied with their relationships. Shorter women are usually more sexually satisfied than taller women because of the reduced distance between their clitoris and vagina. The “g-spot” does exist.
  • Rich guys don’t give women more orgasms but the women they sleep with do orgasm more — that’s because the women rich men have sex with are younger, happier, healthier and more educated. Women do orgasm more with masculine guys, handsome men, and men with symmetrical bodies. Here’s why the ladies can’t get enough of James Bond.
  • Here’s a list of factors associated with sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction early in a marriage keeps couples together years later. Age difference has a big effect on how sexually satisfied husbands and wives are. Here‘s a list of what keeps men and women sexually satisfied over time.
  • Here’s one you probably knew but let’s put the issue to rest: Yes, men want sex more than women. Yoga improves sexual function in both males and females. (Personally, I doubt yoga has special powers, I think it’s just exercise that does the trick.) The more a man uses porn, the less happy he is with his relationship. The more a woman uses porn, the happier a man is with his relationship. Increasing the amount of good sex you have is more about self-esteem than getting kinky.
  • This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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