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Okay, so obviously a brand new iPhone 6 is a pretty pricey gadget, but apparently there are some people out there who are seriously overestimating just how much the phone is worth.

On a recent episode of The Price Is Right — the final one of 2014 — host Drew Carey asked contestants to guess the retail price of a new 16GB iPhone 6. It’s all shiny and nice and expensive-looking, so the first contestant suggests it costs $7,500. The next guy, who seems to think that’s a perfectly reasonable estimate, does the thing Price Is Right contestants do and added one dollar to the previous bid — meaning at this point, there were two people who genuinely thought an iPhone 6 costs somewhere in the $7,000 dollar range.

Thankfully, the next two contestants bring us all back down to Earth, guessing $850 and $930, respectively. Then Drew Carey grins and says, “I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this” even though we’re very confident the marketing people at Apple do not watch The Price Is Right. Soon, Carey reveals that the price is actually $1,969 (including a year of unlimited talk, text and data.)

So yes, that’s quite pricey indeed, but still.

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