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Twitter Account to Overly Thirsty Brands: Stop Saying the Word ‘Bae’

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The thing about brands on Twitter is that they want you to forget that they’re brands. They want you to think of them as your quippy, sassy ol’ pals who occasionally sell you products you probably don’t need.

Most of us Internet dwellers, however, see right through these brands’ tactics — and a new Twitter feed aims to call them out for it.

The account is called “Brands Saying Bae” — so, as you can imagine, it pokes fun specifically at companies using the word “bae.” (If you don’t hang out with teenagers, “bae” is a slang word many of them like to use as a term of endearment. The Wall Street Journal also adds the following analysis: “Bae can be aspirational — someone of romantic interest. The term has also inevitably evolved to apply to inanimate objects. On Instagram, a particularly mouthwatering plate of BBQ could be #bae, for example.”)

So, naturally, tons of brands — from Burger King to Walmart to Gain — have begun incorporating this slang word into their tweets. Here are some examples from Brands Saying Bae, along with plenty of tongue-in-cheek commentary:

To whoever runs this Twitter account: Thank you, and keep on fighting the good fight.

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