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Hillary Clinton Backers Release Country Music Video

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A new, three-and-a-half minute country music video featuring cute cowboys in tight shirts, dusty tractors and Ken Burns-style shots of a young Hillary Clinton cooing over baby Chelsea was released on YouTube this morning.

While the video received mixed reviews at TIME’s D.C. office — a random sample of reactions included phrases like “croon-tastic,” “cute!” “cute?” and “oh, dear” — its mere existence underscores the reality that Hillary Clinton’s as-yet-unannounced campaign is going to happen whether or not she gets out in front of it.

The group behind the new country video is called Stand With Hillary, or SWH. It was formed in Southern California this fall by Miguel Orozco, Daniel Chavez and his daughter, Christina Chavez, “to create positive, social media stories” designed to “reach out to working class and Latino voters.”

Here are some of the lyrics the video features to do just that: “Thinking about one great lady, like the women in my life. She’s a mother, a daughter, and through it all she’s a loving wife. Oh, there’s something about her, this great lady, caring, hard-working, once a First Lady, she fights for country and the family and now it’s time for us to stand up with Hillary.”

Orozco and the Chavezes self-funded this video and the website, but in the future will be looking for small donations from supporters, Chavez told TIME this morning.

Chavez, who worked as a deputy director in the Department of Labor under Bill Clinton, said part of the motivation for starting SWH came from his wife and daughter, who were “deeply inspired by the Clinton family.” In the ’90s, a young Christina Chavez, who is now 32, had the opportunity to meet young Chelsea and Socks, the Clintons’ famous cat, during “take your daughter to work day,” Chavez explained. “She’s had a lifelong love of the Clintons ever since.”

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