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Inside Facebook’s Plan To Wire The World
Mark Zuckerberg’s crusade to put every single human being online

Burned Books in the Holy Land
Jewish and Arab parents watch as Israel’s hopes for peace fade

Ferguson Was the Spark — Eric Garner Is the Fire
Are we trying to create a world devoid of any racist bias, or are we trying to stop cops from shooting black men?

Crisis on Fraternity Row
A scandal at the University of Virginia raises new concerns about the role of Greek life in college sexual assaults

Russia’s Fifth Column
Vladimir Putin is stirring up Russian speakers in Eastern Europe—and using them to expand Moscow’s influence

The Air Bag Blowout
Air bags are meant to save lives. Now a massive recall shows how they can turn deadly

The Culture

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Charli XCX Rages Against the Pop Machine
Her new album “Sucker” arrives Dec. 15

Hollywood’s Season for Women
Finally, complex females flourish on both sides of the camera

Alton Brown’s Existential Stew
The touring TV chef hunts down the recipe for joy

Review: The Painfully Funny Becoming Richard Pryor
How his radical voice sought shape amid chaos

10 Questions With Yao Ming
The retired NBA star wants everyone to stop buying ivory—and wishes he’d shot more 3s

Home Improvement for the Holidays
The togetherness is bliss. But I need an antidote for all the stuff that comes with it


Eric Holder Seizes the Ferguson Moment
The Attorney General goes on the road

The Great American Calorie Crackdown
Why some nutrition facts are getting harder to ignore


Ian Rankin Remembers P.D. James
“Her scalpel-like intellect cut through cant and unearned privilege”

Mike Nichols’s Serious Showmanship
Remembering the legendary director

Ashton Carter
Obama’s latest Pentagon boss

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