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Thanksgiving is a time for family. It’s a time for food. And it’s a time for terror. Or, at least, it will be from this year on because we found the top seven best horror films to watch during Thanksgiving. After all, the family that watches bloody, terrifying, turkey-centric flicks together, is the family that stays together.

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

This found-footage style movie tells the harrowing tale of a family who are attacked and (spoiler alert) abducted by aliens during Thanksgiving dinner.

Blood Rage

After being framed for murder by his evil twin brother, Terry, Todd is committed to an asylum. Then, one Thanksgiving, Todd escapes to exact revenge on his brother. But Terry has other ideas—ideas full of blood and rage. Expect decapitations, fork violence and multiple adult situations.


The DVD cover boasts, “Boobs in the first second,” so you know it’s going to be good. But it’s actually even better because the boobs aren’t just any boobs, they’re pilgrim boobs. In the first scene a topless pilgrim is killed by a talking, tomahawk-toting monster turkey. Things just get crazier and more disturbing from there.

Thankskilling 3

The sequel to Thankskilling, this meta movie follows Turkie, the villainous turkey from the first film, as he searches for the last copy of Thankskilling 2. Also, there are puppets.

Blood Freak

Reefer Madness meets Dracula meets Butterball. This is the story of a man seduced by pot and experimented on by science who is transformed into a turkey-headed creature with a thirst for blood—a blood freak, if you will.


Eli Roth’s fake trailer contribution to Grindhouse, the 2007 double feature from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, may be short but it packs a lot of gore. It’s about a man whose childhood sweetheart, a turkey, was killed by his father. Now he stalks and decapitates horny teens, dressed as a pilgrim. Roth has confirmed that a full-length version of the movie is in the works.

Home Sweet Home

An escaped psychopath crashes a friendsgiving on a California ranch. Skulls are crushed, women are stabbed with broken wine bottles and, since this film was made in 1981, a KISS fan is killed with an electric guitar.

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