November 20, 2014 11:23 AM EST

Much has been made of our tendency to use social media as a megaphone for the most banal, boring and bland events of our lives. A cut sketch from last week’s Saturday Night Live imagines what happens when we bless the world with a milestone number of such trifles.

A Twitter user, played by Aidy Bryant, realizes she’s reached her 10,000th tweet with a remark about how early it gets dark these days. Before she knows it, a troupe of sequined dancers is singing her praises, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her seventh grade crush and a white-haired God played by Woody Harrelson extol the significance of her contribution to the world.

She even gets a kiss on the lips from a surprise guest star on set to promote Birdman (hint: it’s not Michael Keaton).

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