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Readers had strong reactions to Jack Dickey’s Nov. 24 cover story on Taylor Swift’s dominance of the music industry, which was discussed in outlets ranging from NBC’s Today show to the Los Angeles Times. Many praised the article, in which Swift discusses sexism and the lack of female role models in the music industry, for offering what Vanity Fair called “interesting insight into the Swift-ian psyche.” Swift is “an excellent role model for girls,” wrote Sally Connolly of South Portland, Maine. “Assertive but not abrasive, a savvy businesswoman, poet, musician and fashionista!” Others, meanwhile, questioned whether the singer merited cover treatment. “Swift is not a fascinating person,” wrote Stephen Conn of Las Cruces, N.M.


Former House majority leader Eric Cantor called Vice President Joe Biden “awesome” and “genuine” in a TIME.com interview with Zeke J. Miller, leading Politico to declare that “an unlikely bromance has formed.” “We need more talk like this,” wrote John Benjamin on Twitter, adding that Cantor, right, “probably had to leave office before he’d say it.”


“To avoid another Ferguson, stop criminalizing cops doing their duty,” wrote ReneDemonteverde on our website in reaction to Joe Klein’s column on the fatal shooting of unarmed Missouri teenager Michael Brown and the program to train police to handle conflict peacefully. “By all means give the police better training, but make sure they keep order in Ferguson,” added commenter DanBruce.


The Malaysia Chronicle called TIME’s choice of MMA fighter Ann Osman as a Next Generation Leader an “honor” on Twitter, while @AttyKarenJimeno tweeted, “What’s cooler than an #MMA fighter? A #female MMA fighter!”


Taylor Swift left Spotify, but plenty of stars remain. Here’s what the most-played artists may be earning based on figures provided by the streaming service. Find the rest at time.com/spotify.


“Summer,” from the singer’s album Motion


203 million


$1.2 to $1.7 million


“Dark Horse,” the rap-techno song featuring Juicy J


196 million


$1.2 to $1.6 million


“All of Me,” the crooner’s 2013 paean to his wife


194 million


$1.2 to $1.6 million




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It didn’t need to be Thanksgiving for Barbara Orr to celebrate turkey. The Oregon woman was so taken with the holiday bird that she made it the theme of her 1948 wedding, not only putting turkey on the menu but also using turkey feathers for her own gown and those of her attendants. Let that be a warning to anyone who gripes about her next bridesmaid dress. Find more vintage photos and unexpected stories at life.com.

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