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TIME’s ‘Sexiest’ Men Alive (and Dead)

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So Chris Hemsworth is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. PEOPLE has been making this pronouncement since 1985, but sexy men were around long before that — so, to celebrate our sister publication’s announcement, we’ve rounded up some of the men dubbed “sexiest” something-or-other by someone-or-other throughout TIME’s history. Click on “MORE” in the gallery captions to find out how each guy made the list.

Dale Robertson
Dale Robertson on 'Tales of Wells Fargo' in 1960."As an actor, Robertson can hardly say heck with his hands tied, but he is probably the best horseman in television, and his shy. Sunday-go-to-meetin' smile provokes what an agent describes as 'the sexiest mail in Hollywood.'"-TIME, Mar. 30, 1959L. J. Willinger—Getty Images
Warren Beatty in 1961"Scoring minor successes on television (Studio One, Playhouse 90), he eventually won a screen test with Director Joshua Logan, who asked him to demonstrate his kissing talents, using Actress Jane Fonda as a prop. Beatty fastened himself to her like a hyperthyroid lamprey, ignoring cries of "Cut!" "Stop!" and "That's enough, that's enough!" winning Logan's unqualified admiration. 'This boy,' says Logan, 'is the sexiest thing around.'" - TIME, Sept. 1,1961AP Images
Bonus! Beatty on the cover of TIME on July 3, 1978
Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson, circa 1959."Next morning, leering happily as he watches the old biddy leave, Rock slips into his sexiest robe..."-TIME, Sept. 15, 1961Ray Fisher—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty
NY Mayor John Lindsay
New York City Mayor John Lindsay in 1971"Part of his fascination is that he is almost preternaturally handsome and photogenic —the London Daily Sketch in a recent effusion called him "the sexiest man in the world"—and formidably charming as a campaigner." - TIME, Aug. 23, 1971Underwood Archives / Getty Images
Bonus! A young John Lindsay on the cover of TIME on Nov. 12, 1965TIME
Oakland Athletics owner Charlie Finley in 1976"Recently Oakland Tribune Columnist Marcy Bachmann selected Finley as one of her "20 Sexiest Men in the Eastbay." The Oakland clubhouse rattled with laughter the day that story came out—and so did Finley when he heard about it." - TIME, Aug. 18, 1975AP Images
Joe Namath 1977
Joe Namath in 1977"By showing pictures of 50 or so men to females in several Ohio shopping malls, Pro Arts Inc. discovered that Pro Quarterback Joe Namath was considered by women the sexiest male of the lot (other high scorers included Robert Redford and Jimmy Carter)." - TIME, July 25, 1977AP Images
Bonus! Joe Namath on the cover of TIME on Oct. 16, 1972
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy in1982"Richard Avedon has photographed Eddie for the cover of Rolling Stone; in its September issue, Playgirl will proclaim him one of the ten sexiest men in America; he has thunderstormed his family and friends with costly gifts." - TIME, July 11, 1983Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

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