Jennifer Lawrence to Colbert: ‘I’ve Eaten Squirrel Chili’

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America’s sweetheart is even more down-home than we all thought: Jennifer Lawrence revealed on The Colbert Report that she hasn’t only eaten squirrel chili, but even skinned a squirrel herself.

The Hunger Games actress says her humble beginnings and rapid rise to fame do not make her similar to her character, Katniss Everdeen — despite Colbert’s comparison — since unlike the bow-and-arrow-slinging heroine, all she’s really worried about is fluffing her hair and reapplying lipstick.

“I’m constantly waiting for things to fall apart,” she joked about her success. “Every time the phone rings, I’m like, ‘it’s over!'”

Colbert’s solution to this impending failure? Drop out of showbiz together and go fight crime. We’d watch that show.

[The Colbert Report]

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