November 11, 2014 8:00 AM EST

Interview with the Vampire, which made household names of novelist Anne Rice and many of the subsequent film adaptation’s performers, was a florid, gaudy story that has only grown more delicious in the years leading up to its 20th anniversary.

The movie, an adaptation of Rice’s novel, tells the story of two vampires, Lestat and Louis, who turn a 12-year-old girl into an immortal and learn to live with their monstrous appetites. But today, the movie may be most notable for its meta-story: The two male leads, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, were the biggest stars on Earth, and that little girl they turned into a vampire, Kirsten Dunst, went on to a successful and provocative career.

A new generation of stars is likely to get a similar boost in a few years: Anne Rice’s novels will be turned into a film franchise. After the success of Interview with the Vampire and the sadly posthumous Aaliyah vehicle Queen of the Damned, the Vampire Chronicles series of novels had lain dormant. But no longer: Universal recently obtained the rights to Rice’s whole series of novels. “I love movies with my whole heart and I’m willing to take the chance,” Rice, who loves the first Interview, told TIME. It was a chance that paid off the first time for her and for many others.

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