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Bad Idea of the Day: Bill Cosby Creates a Bill Cosby Meme Generator

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Update: It didn’t end well. Cosby pulled the generator from his website last night.

If you’re a celebrity who is in the process of narrowly tip-toeing around allegations of sexual assault and are looking for a way to simply crash headlong into them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective method than creating a meme generator for your likeness. Perhaps that’s exactly what 77-year-old actor and comedian Bill Cosby was hoping for when he unveiled #CosbyMeme Generator on his website Monday.

The generator enables users to scroll through a series of Cosby photos and add their own text. The user-created memes do need to be submitted for approval (and for the sake of maximum enjoyment, let’s pretend that Cosby himself is the one rendering the judgement), which Cosby’s team likely hoped would prevent the generator from being used for anything other than wholesome, old-fashioned fun. Unfortunately, savvy Internet patrons know how to take screenshots of their submitted memes.

Folks have already begun to question the wisdom of the generator, but it remains to be seen whether Cosby and his team will be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube on this particularly ill-advised occasion. Odds are it will only direct a larger audience to this Hannibal Buress bit from last month, which reignited some Cosby-related outrage:

If he doesn’t already, Cosby’s own meme generator is likely to make the Emmy-winner yearn for the days when most of the jokes at his expense were about his sweaters.

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