Welcome to the TIME Vault: Our New Digital Archive

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See the TIME Vault.

We put a lot of energy into keeping readers informed here at TIME, reporting on events as they happen. We’re creating a record of current events, emphasis on current.

But here’s the thing: you do that long enough — say, more than 90 years in our case — and you end up creating a record of history, too.

Now we’re giving you access to that record. The TIME magazine archive is a week-by-week account of how the world got the way it is today. Over the course of more than 4,500 issues, you can trace the outbreak of a World War, the path of the Civil Rights movement and the dawn of the information age — not to mention the ascent of everything from millennials to online shopping and yoga too.

Starting Wednesday, TIME’s new digital archive allows subscribers not only to read those stories, but also the experience of flipping through the physical magazine, showing the graphics, pictures and advertisements that accompanied every TIME magazine story, dating back to the first issue in 1923. In addition, the section you’re reading right now, the History vertical, will continue to provide daily highlights from the past of interest to readers in the present.

Welcome to the TIME Vault.

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