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5 Can’t-Miss iPhone and Android Apps on Sale This Weekend

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Looking to download a few great premium apps while saving some money this weekend? Check out these five apps and games, all on sale or free for the new few days.



Aside from looking brilliantly sleek, Swype is perhaps one of the most practical apps available. Instead of typing one letter at a time, users drag fingers across a keyboard to put words together. Swype, whose prediction algorithm is very intuitive, is meant to help you avoid those auto-correct blunders that are either a pain to fix, or if you didn’t manage to catch it, an embarrassing mistake.

Swype is temporarily available free in the App Store.



An endearingly designed game (with a needlessly long palindrome of a title), Ettetetta is a very barebones puzzle game. The goal is simple: align two rows of blocks in the same color to advance to the next level. It’s the sort of game one can spend hours playing in order to beat a high score, and then continue playing anyway. Not to mention Ettetta is easy on the eyes.

Ettetetta is temporarily available free in the App Store.

Best Full Jane Austen Collection

Jane Austen Collection
Jane Austen CollectionJane Austen Collection

Despite the pandering in the title, this is one of those apps that is simply better to have than to be without; all of Austen’s books are crammed into one app that allows users to search specific passages. In short, with the answer at your fingertips, you’ll never be left to wonder ‘What Would Darcy Do?’

Best Full Jane Austen Collection is temporarily available free in the App Store.

Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invader

Galaxian InvaderGalaxian Invader

Galaxian Invader is perfect for those old enough to remember Galaxian, the 80s arcade game meant to compete with Space Invaders. There are many apps dedicated to recreating the arcade version Space Invaders that many gamers have come to know so well, but it’s a rare thing to find an app inspired by the idiosyncrasies Galaxian introduced to the arcade world. A charming game in its own right, Galaxian is a fun way to blast alien ships into space.

Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invader is temporarily available free in the Google Play Store.



The worst part of a trip to Costco isn’t the line, nor the amount of unnecessary bulk product you walk away with; inevitably trouble happens when you try to find your group. Are they standing listlessly in front of the Vitamix demonstration, or canvassing the cheese aisle? Chirp is basically a keyfinder for human beings, allowing you to triangulate someone’s position. And for concerned parents, Chirp is a fantastic way to keep tabs on your children.

Chirp is temporarily available free in the App Store.

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