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Watch Oprah Winfrey Try to Set Lindsay Lohan Straight

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Oprah Winfrey’s self-titled cable channel OWN gave Lindsay Lohan her own self-titled “docu-series,” Lindsay, which follows the troubled Mean Girls star “on her journey through recovery following a very public period of crisis.” Unfortunately, that journey isn’t going particularly smoothly, as Winfrey herself had to step in during the third episode to set Lohan straight.

Some outlets have been saying that Winfrey really took Lohan to task for her behavior during the first few episodes, but what seems closer to the truth is that Winfrey is attempting to Miyagi a troubled actress who can’t decide whether she’s supposed to be honest or play a character. Winfrey praises Lohan for her sobriety, but tells her she needs to “cut the bullshit” — an apparent attempt to build Lohan’s self-confidence.

That said, Winfrey may want to be careful about telling Lohan not to worry about the “haters.” Blatant disregard for the valid opinions of those who disagree with her is probably a big part of how Lohan ended up here in the first place.

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