Taylor Swift
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November 5, 2014 12:59 PM EST

Taylor Swift fans spend as much time debating the best songs on 1989 as haters spend cracking jokes about her ex-boyfriends. But there’s one thing even the Swift-agnostic and longtime listeners of the platinum pop star can agree one: the best part of any T-Swift song is the bridge.

Making it through the verses and choruses to get to the good stuff can be torture (don’t say she didn’t warn you), but like any real love that drives you crazy, you wouldn’t change anything. That said, one option is to spend some time with this supercut of all the 1989 bridges that’s making the rounds on Tumblr (you always knew how to push her buttons — in this case, reblog).

Swift-the-songwriter may be developing a concerning habit of just repeating words over and over again in her hooks these days, but as this supercut shows, it’s the bridges that offer many of 1989‘s most rewarding moments. You’ll be tangled up with this all night.

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