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Who Is ‘Alex From Target’ and Why did the Internet Make Him Famous?

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For absolutely no discernible reason, the people of the Internet have turned a kid named Alex who works at Target — now forever known as #AlexFromTarget — into a celebrity.

It started Sunday when Twitter user @auscalum posted an image of the random, albeit adorable, young cashier from Target:

And then the Internet went crazy. (Again, for no discernible reason). Over the last day, Topsy reports that there have been more than 125,00 “Alex from Target”-related tweets.

And since the Internet is a creepy place, it found the true Alex from Target on Twitter. He now has 312k followers and counting:

There are even competing campaigns to get other cute bros (#SteverFromStarbucks, #KieranFromTMobile, #MattFromRedRobin) similar notoriety:

Even Target itself got in on the action Monday:

This is the American dream.

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