The sign of a Target store is displayed August 14, 2003 in Springfield, V.A.
Alex Wong—Getty Images
By Laura Stampler
November 3, 2014

For absolutely no discernible reason, the people of the Internet have turned a kid named Alex who works at Target — now forever known as #AlexFromTarget — into a celebrity.

It started Sunday when Twitter user @auscalum posted an image of the random, albeit adorable, young cashier from Target:

And then the Internet went crazy. (Again, for no discernible reason). Over the last day, Topsy reports that there have been more than 125,00 “Alex from Target”-related tweets.

And since the Internet is a creepy place, it found the true Alex from Target on Twitter. He now has 312k followers and counting:

There are even competing campaigns to get other cute bros (#SteverFromStarbucks, #KieranFromTMobile, #MattFromRedRobin) similar notoriety:

Even Target itself got in on the action Monday:

This is the American dream.

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