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Interstellar, Where No Movie Has Gone Before
A new movie updates the Hollywood space odyssey with a fable based on fact

Review: Interstellar’s Wonder of Worlds Beyond
The movie’s reach exceeds its grasp—in the best possible way

The Last Men of Steel
Cheap natural gas is giving manufacturer Nucor a shot at reversing the long decline in American steelmaking

5 Things to Watch for in the Midterm Elections
Will Mitch McConnell’s Republicans gain control of the Senate?

Jake Gyllenhaal, Carnivore With a Camera
Nightcrawler exposes the predations of TV news

Cheap Gas Puts the Squeeze on Hybrids and EVs
Electric cars suffer when it’s easy to fill the tank

Joe Biden’s Perks and Recreation
Cheap vacation destination for Obama officials faces scrutiny

Eddie Redmayne Is Manic Impressive as Stephen Hawking
The actor shows the physicist in a new light

Review: Prince Lestat Is Bloody Marvelous
Novelist Anne Rice revives her most glamorous vampire

Google and the Clutter Killers
Apps offer to combat your data overload

Simpsonize Your TV
Why the future of media is looking like a box of doughnuts

The World Health Organization Comes Under Fire for Failure to Stop Ebola
The agency has been missing in action at a critical time

The Tipping Point
How did this outbreak get so bad? There’s plenty of blame to go around

10 Questions With Diane Von Furstenberg
The fashion designer and mogul on love, beauty, business and not being Mrs. Diller




Remembering Jack Bruce, the Bassist Who Shaped a Generation
He stayed on top of his game with blues riffs and experimental sound

Gabe Kaplan Remembers Marcia Strassman
Mr. Kotter on his Mrs. Kotter, a tremendous and versatile actress

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