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There’s pretty much nothing lamer than a party at the office. They’re so ripe for mockery that they gave us material for nine seasons of Emmy-winning hijinks on NBC. It turns out another thing they’re ripe for is music videos of the slow jam variety.

YouTube user Peter Greenlees saw gold where the rest of us saw ill-fitting business suits and soul-crushing conference rooms. Greenlees edited a compilation of shots of smiling office peons to accompany “She A Go,” by the late producer and musician DJ Rashad. Aside from minimal visual effects, the footage is mostly unadulterated. It’s pure professional bliss.

So the next time you’re struggling to extract yourself from the warm burrito of your sheets, switch on YouTube and remember that the office can be as fun as a real rap video, if you look at it in just the right way. You never know when that sleep-inducing board meeting will end in the PowerPoint dance party of your dreams.

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