Citizens of West Berlin hand a pot of coffee to GDR border forces on the Berlin Wall on Nov. 11, 1989.
dpa / picture-alliance/ AP Images
October 24, 2014 3:00 PM EDT

Photographs of the fall of the Berlin Wall have become iconic since that night 25 years ago. Full of sledgehammers and smiles, the pictures have shaped our collective memory of how the wall came down.

On the historic night of Nov. 9, 1989, immense crowds gathered to celebrate — and that moment is recent enough that many of the people who were there probably had cameras. That’s why we’re asking TIME readers to give their old photos another look.

If you find anything good, we’d love to see it: TIME is preparing a gallery to mark the anniversary and we want to include the potentially historic images that may still be languishing in family albums and shoe boxes — of Berlin in the days directly before and after the wall fell, or better yet on the night that the freedom to pass from East to West was first announced.

To have your photos considered, just post them on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #TIMEBerlinWall. Please also include a caption with your name and a little information about where and when the picture was taken.

Please note: When you tag your photos #TIMEBerlinWall, you are giving us and our partners permission to use them. (The photo you submit must be taken by you. By submitting it, you acknowledge that use of the photo will not violate anyone’s rights.)

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