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The Reinventions of Rand Paul

Can he fix what ails the GOP?

Game Changer

The New Ebola Protocols

New U.S. cases have health experts rethinking the response and turning to doctors and hospitals that were truly prepared

Meet the New Leader of the Fourth-Largest Country in the World

Indonesia is a democracy with rich natural resources and more Muslims than any other country on the planet. And it just elected a new president

The Millennial Retirement Plan

Staring down his sunset years, a 24-year-old goes in search of a happier, healthier ending for us all

Funny Because It’s True: John Oliver’s New Brand of Sincere Satire

The late-night star has successfully bet on his audience’s intelligence and against its antipathy

Obama’s Leadership Shortage

His policies are fine. But the President is often a prisoner of his instincts

I Hated Halloween

In which I am tricked into enjoying a holiday that has never felt like a treat

Malala Yousafzai

The Nobel Peace Prize

Company-Paid Egg Freezing Will Be the Great Equalizer

From Apple to Facebook, more companies are covering the cost of elective egg freezing for women who want to delay child-bearing. Is this the key to real gender equality?

Book Review: Pro Makes the Case That Abortion Can Be an Act of Love

Who is the abortion debate really about?

Chasing Vapors

Pat Roberts faces an elusive challenger in Kansas’ wild Senate race

Windsor Ways

An ex–press secretary tells … some

10 Questions With Bryan Stevenson

Lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson on crime, death row and kids in prison



Sam Roberts: “David Greenglass Won’t Be Forgotten”

The reporter who tracked down Ethel Greenberg’s brother remembers his legacy


Vatican Strikes New Tone–and Only a Tone–on Homosexuality

Medical Momentum

Scientists make major moves in tackling five challenging diseases

The Culture

Pop Chart

Goya: The Alfred Hitchcock of Painting

No other artist put himself into his own dark pictures so much

We Three Queens: A Triad of Royal Biographies Debuts

Isabella, Victoria and Hatshepsut get the book treatment

Michael Keaton, the Angry Birdman

The story of an actor in extremis

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