October 15, 2014 4:05 PM EDT

We finally have good news about Ebola: That adorable dog in the sink you saw on Twitter Wednesday doesn’t have the disease. In fact, the pup isn’t even in quarantine, as this tweet suggests:

How do I know that? Because that dog can’t possibly be Bentley, the dog that belongs to a Texas nurse recently diagnosed with Ebola. And how do I know that? Because this picture has been around the Internet since Time Eternal.

Here is the picture posted to Pinterest 18 weeks ago.

Here’s a version posted seven months ago.

Here it is posted in June of last year.

And here’s a very similar photo of my mom’s King Charles Cavalier, Scout, which isn’t really relevant at all, but c’mon, aww.

To sum up: This dog ain’t got Ebola. In fact, the nurse’s dog might not have Ebola either. Bentley, the King Charles Cavalier who is owned by nurse Nina Pham is merely under quarantine. And as we explained earlier this week, “To date, there is no documented case of Ebola spreading to people from dogs or dogs to people.”

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