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Want to Visit a Slice of Destiny DLC Bungie Hasn’t Unlocked Yet?

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This is what happens when boredom ensues in Destiny: you spy a tantalizing column of light, notice the architectural lattice surrounding it, nose around the framework until you discover a way to leap into that column of light, and presto: Scotty’s beaming you up.

YouTuber Nowise10 just released a video that details how, in Bungie’s sci-fi multiplayer shooter, he (I’m assuming “he” because of the YouTube avatar) was able to force his way into an area called “The Terminus” while exploring Venus. It’s part of an upcoming 2015 DLC release titled “The House of Wolves” that we’ve known about since well before launch (it’s the second of two expansion packs—the first is called “The Dark Below”).

But specifics, like the name “The Terminus” itself, were unearthed more recently when players discovered a glitch in the game that revealed information about the upcoming DLC packs. Bungie acknowledged the glitch in a note explaining, no surprise, that the content packs were unfinished, and that the details might or might not change.

Nowise10’s discovery looks extra-impressive because of how improbable it is. For starters you need to be able to triple-jump and balance like a funambulist. And then you have to be bored enough to wonder whether it’s possible to find your way into an unreachable column of light (that just so happens to really be a gravity lift). And then you have to be patient enough to string guesswork trajectories together, and dexterous enough to land on (without slipping off) all the slender alien trelliswork.

But maybe I’m overstating the difficulty. Watch the video and you’ll see Nowise10 almost casually navigate the precarious route without slips, tumbles or do-overs.

The reward if you make it? A vacant new area with, according to Nowise10, three dead ghosts. Finding ghosts in Destiny is a side-game where you recover little polyhedral robot-things, and those things unlock an achievement and bolster your grimoire card score. There’s thus a score-related incentive for players to pay a visit to The Terminus, which I’d assume means Bungie’s going to have to update the game to remove your ability to do this in short order.

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